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    EVGA GTX 480 and Mercury Playback Engine


      I believe that my Premiere Pro CS 5.5 supports the GTX 480 BUT the Mercury Playback Engine is software only.  Any ideas on how to get the hardware acceleration working?  If it is not supported by Adobe is there a Hack to override the software only.  Thanks for the help.

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          Dave Knarr Level 1



          Make sure the you have the video card entered correctly.  It should be    GeForce GTX 480     It is case sensitive.


          Also, try putting it on the first line of the    cuda_supported_cards.txt  file.


          I am assuming you are running Windows 7.  If you are, follow these steps:

          1. Ckick on the Start icon in the bottom left corner of Windows 7.

          2. Then click on All Programs and then click on the Accessories folder.


          3. Look in the Accessories folder for Notepad and RIGHT click Notepad

          4. The left click on Run as Administrator


          5. Once Notepad opens up, click on File and then Open


          6. Navigate to the Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 folder

          7. Find the file: cuda_supported_cards.txt then click on it to select the file, then click Open


          9. You will see a list of cards, add your video card to list just like this    GeForce GTX 480


          10. Click on File and click Save.  Then exit Notepad.


          Now start up Premiere CS5.5 and you should be able to set it to GPU Acceleration.



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            Very much appreciated on July 4th.