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    InDesign - CS5 -Help


      I am a bit new to InDesign and have been tossed into through my job.


      I did a lesson with my students using the interactive features, but I had a few issues with it and I was wondering if anyone knew why.  I'm sure they are very simple... but I just got really frustrated with it...


      1.  Does Interactive PDFs not work?  They seem like a good idea from a marketing standpoint, but I can't get any animations to work on the interactive pdfs.


      2.  If I made an interactive document in InDesign and I assume I have to package it and I export it as .flv...why do I then have to take alllllll the files with me to play it on another computer?  I've opened flash files that was only one file... is it possible to get it all into one file?  The documents were pretty much just made up with music and videos and animations made in InDesign itself. 


      3.  Lastly, the Adobe website said that InDesign can run certain video formats, however, the only one that actually worked was .FLV.  Anyone else have a problem with that?


      I've watched tons of tutorials and read a lot of blogs and I still can't figure this out.  Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!