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    Reader 9.4.5


      I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.4.5 (tried X but was too slow).

      Here are some issues, in case anyone from development team is looking for improvement options. If there is solutions for any of this already, I am interested to learn more about it.


      1. full screen only works for single page view. Cannot get two facing pages ("two-up" and "two-up cont.") to show up (many datasheets, catalogs etc contain info that is spread accross two pages like tables, circuit diagrams etc.). often documents are not created carefully so such diagrams/tables etc are split wrong way when viewing as two page. (left half shows on the right side, right half shows on the left side of the next two pages). There should be command allowing user to display this correctly (add or skip one page or whatever).


      2. purple bar annoyance. this is just poor design. if there is need to tell something to user, why not simply use message box? it is intuitive to clik OK to close it, unlike dealing with purple bar. besides why kill big chunk of precious screen space? i have found plenty of examples where Adobe uses odd ways to display messages. For example "about" etc. don't have "X" to close the message. Is it really THAT hard to stick to standard? Do you REALLY think it is easier or more intuitive to click on message body to close the message than to have button "Close" or "X" in upper right corner? What if I didn't want it to close? (perhaps clicked by accident). Can't you just stick to standard controls in user interface? If you want to develop something new, that's ok but then make it really good so everyone will want to do it same way.


      3. is there ANY way to get updates but not download those bulky asian fonts? it's not like I could read them anyway. why not have settings about fon't downloads (they seem to come in worst possible time, like when I have to run to lecture).


      4. is there any way to disable "hand tool" or whatever you call this thing (where mouse cursor looks like hand grabing something, underlined with horizontal line and arrow pointing down from center of the dash line)? i fail to see what is this good for and - i just don't want it: one wrong click and carefully aranged view is ruined... is there any way to force this to act like "regular" hand (one without arrow pointing down)?