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    I have a the CS5 creative print suite.


      I'm seeing all these webinars about Indesign CS5.5.  I have done all of the updates from Adobe's update site and i'm told I'm up to date for my Indesign.

      I don't know if this Indesign 5.5 is a free upgrade  or if I have to paid for this upgrade to 5.5. Secondly I watched a video about the content viewer and wondering how that works- Plus this new Overlay creator Panel for Indesign Cs5.5. Is this a free down load plugin? I found the overlay creator on the exchange and still having problems installing plug ins.

      Also I'm having problems installing plugin for Indesign CS5. I go to the exchange forum and see all these plugins available for Indesign and when I click to install them. They down load and ask to choice the application which i select my Indesign plugin folder but the select button is grayed out. Help.