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    CS5 / InDesign / 400 pg. book corrupt file?




      I have a 400 page book project. Hundreds of images. Only using three font families.

      I went in to make corrections, and the file opens, but I just get the "beachball", and can't make any corrections. Eventually I have to force quit.


      Activity Monitor says InDesign is using near 100% of my memory during this process.


      I have tried the following:

      - ran updates / restart / etc...

      - exported as idml file to open in CS5 and CS3

      - copied to desktop and changing name of file

      - Reset InDesign preferences

      - tried 3 different machines ... one with TONS of RAM

      - I opened an older backup version of the file via Time Machine and still have the problem.

      - a friend is trying it out on a PC today just in case


      I really don't want to recreate 400 pages! Help?