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    Adobe becoming Microsoft


      Every update to Adobe is becoming more and more terrifying.  Like the Wednesday Microsoft wake up.  What does not work now???

      Release 10 has done me in.  I'm trying to go back, but not working well.  Perhaps Adobe should become open source and let people who know what they are doning fix their software?

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          370H55V Level 4

          I'd have to say this is just a rant, unless you can provide some specifics on what isn't working.

          I have a four year old 32 bit AMD Sempron e-machine with Win 7 Ultimate, Acrobat 9 Pro and Reader X 10.1. It works perfectly.

          I have a two year old Asus EeePC Atom processor 32 bit netbook with Win XP (SP3) with Acrobat 8 Pro, and Reader X 10.1. It too, works perfectly.


          I'll agree with your opinion of Microsoft updates. I can't figure out how something they spent four years building (Win 7) can possibly need a gig of security fixes every month, or how an eleven year old OS (XP) still needs security updates every 48 hours. I've downloaded and installed this OS four times over in updates.