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    Can I load a still larger then the screen and pan across it?

    Nohjekim Level 1



      I want to use a panoramic background and the pan from one end of it to the other.


      I'm then going to place a video with a transparent background on top of it to introduce a walking character that is essentially stationary but will appear to move in relation to the background.  Other objects in the foreground will move with the background to give a 3D effect.


      I will be introducing the other objects in Poser but I need to create an AVI file of the background moving smoothly across the screen to import into Poser as a background.  I could do this in Poser but it would greatly reduce the quality of the image, since it would take to long to render it.

      And video imported doesn't need to be.


      I can figure out the rest if I know how to make the background move smoothly across the screen.


      I'll be working in a 3 by 4 format, but the background image will be much wider.


      Thanks for the help.