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    Cannot edit any pages - No Edit Page Button


      I have a blog through blogger, with my own domain, standupsteals.com. I have added a connection to it in CS5, but I have been unable to edit retrieved posts. The "Edit Pages" button doesn't even appear. I haven't tried to uninstall/reinstall yet. I did delete the connection, and recreate it, but still same problem. I cannot administer websites; it's grayed out, along with a lot of other options. I am the only user, so I shouldn't be locked out...Any ideas?


      I have tried to follow the simple directions...Go to my homepage; choose an entry. Once I choose an entry, Edit Pages button should appear, right? It's not happening for me...I get a quick message that says I am on a site I am not connected to. How can that be?


      When I try to edit a page from within IE, I get an error "Cannot find the file on the server" Message was edited by: ladeebishop