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    CFHTTP Expert Needed For Problem Today

      I have code that I need fixed and I'm willing to pay $250 to the first person who gets it (probably a very simple problem). I am also willing to pay $50 for your time if you solve it and are not the first to solve it, but are within the first five people to solve it. The code, which is posted below, bids on ebay and has worked up until today. eBay periodically their pages/login system and our current code is missing something that logs the user in (possibly dealing with cookies and passing a token). This is urgent.

      The code posted below simply makes a CFHTTP Post call to an ebay page, and attempts to get back a confirmation page. The problem is with the login, so I would suggest if, when you run the code, nothing comes to mind, write a short procedure that just logs into ebay using the test account provided.

      Please email me at tch3@aol.com if you have any questions, to talk about this problem, or would like to submit a solution.