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    1 iteration from loop

    yogi bear
      On the root timeline I loadVars on frame 1 and with success the movie moves to another frame and stops.

      At that frame I have a movie clip called detail_list which runs a series of iterations loading the movie clip "details" in a number of times. The problem is that only one of the iterations show. Any ideas why?

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          TimSymons Level 1
          Are you creating duplicates of the "details" movieclip? If so, are you placing each duplicate on it's own depth? If not, any new ones will replace the previous one at the same depth.

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            yogi bear Level 1

            Yeah, I think I'm putting everything on a different level but wonder about that myself. If I use this code on a seperate test swf it works fine. Putting it in the swf where it calls variables only shows one item. I'm totally baffeled.


            function buildAddDetails() {
            var spacing:Number = 100;
            for (var i = 0; i < 6; ++i) {
            var name:String = "detail" + i + "_mc";
            _root.detail_list.attachMovie("add_detail", name, i);
            _root.detail_list[name]._y = i * spacing;
            _root.detail_list[name].detail_name = "Detail " + i +": " + gLastProject.proName0;


            function buildAddDetails()
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              TimSymons Level 1
              Yeah, I thought this post sounded familiar. I tried your code too and it worked as you would expect.

              Can you describe more how you are using it where it is not working or post an example FLA for me to look at?