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    proper widescreen effect in pp


      ive researched this all night, i found several people who said export at 1920x800 but when i do that it doesnt show up im quicktime(mac user) and i dont really like the crop feature can someone please help me?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Your question is far too vague for anyone to answer.


          Supply a few more details and I am  certain  you will get some help.

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            bkboy2k5 Level 1

            i plan on shooting short films and music videos with my canon dslr i want to get the natural widescreen look, 2.35:1 but i find that just croping it is cheasy so i saw on several forums that by changing the pixel ratio this would help but when i export it the bars are gone from the video in quicktime.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              You will probably want to create a custom sequence preset then. Go to File > New > Sequence, and then click on the Settings tab. Use the Custom Editing Mode, and then change the parameters as necessary to define a sequence preset, e.g. 1920x800 square pixel. That will let you position your clips in the frame as necessary. When you're done editing, you'll have to work with the export format and codec a bit, depending on what you want to export to.


              Changing the PAR is not what you want to do unless you shot with an anamorphic lens. OOTB, your DSLR is going to record 1920x1080, square pixel. If you change the PAR on that footage to get to 1920x800 or whatever, you're squeezing and not cropping the footage. It's best to leave the footage alone, and then position it in an appropriately-sized sequence.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                i find that just croping it is cheasy


                That makes no sense to me.  You can't actually shoot in 2.35:1, so at some point and in some way, you will have to crop out the unwanted top and bottom.


                Hell, even Hollywood does this.  How is that cheesy?

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                  Rallymax Level 2

                  you might want to invest in a anamorphic lens adaptor if you want 2:35 final output.

                  watch the first 20 seconds of this...




                  bascailly 16:9 to 4:3 anamorphic squeeze (1.33:1) onto a 16:9 sensor = 2.35:1


                  quick google found this forum thread on it...




                  that way you have the best quality from the get go. In Premiere you change the pixels from 1:1 to 1.33:1 (ie 4:3) to get the perspective correct.


                  note though - I'm not sure that if you final output is 1080p that it's bluray legal to have a 1:33 pixel aspect ratio. if not your final output in AME will need to do a pixel change and crop.


                  'keep us posted if you get a lens!