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    10.1 Update - WinXP - PDF in IE shows blank (grey) page


      Hello everyone,

      after we rolled out the update to 10.1 some of our users, as well as some of our customers experience problems viewing PDF Files within Internet Explorer.

      As you click a PDF, the Browser just shows a dark grey page, rest is blank.


      I tried a few things:

      - If you press F5 while viewing the blank page, the PDF suddenly shows up.

      - Repairing / Reinstalling fixes the problem, but only until you reboot.

      - Changing some settings, like protected mode also fixes the problem... still it only lasts until the reboot.


      From what I can tell, I only see Windows XP Users affected, and only Internet Explorer users. Mostly are Version 6 and 7 (which we need on a handful of PCs due to compatibility issues, but only use it for internal applications). I also heard from some IE8 users that the problem occures (most probably when compatibility mode is on I guess).


      Firefox and our Windows 7 Users with IE8 and 9 seem not affected.


      Any ideas?

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          I wish I had an answer for you but I am having the exact same issue. We use a web based app for our expense reporting and viewing the reciepts does the exact same thing. The first reciept actually opens just fine but if you want to go and view another one it just pops up a grey screen. if you close concur and go back in then it will open it. Like you said it works if you his f5 to refresh or with the grey screen still open you can hit the Reciepts button again and it opens.


          If you figure out what it is please re-post!