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    Premiere CS5 5.0.4 Crashes on H.264 playback - roll back?

    Jello Frog


      for some odd reason, I'm suddenly completely unable to view or edit H.264 videos on Premiere 5.0.4. Is anyone else running into this problem?


      First I thought the issue was with browsing large folders, but now I determined that Premiere simply cannot play H.264 video on my Mac Pro anymore.


      Before this I've edited big projects with numerous sequences on my machine.


      Should I roll back to a previous version of PPro? How do I do this?


      Here are some specifications on my setup:


      Mac Pro 8-core 3.0ghz

      10 GB RAM

      Nvidia 8800GT - mercury playback engine off (not supported for this card)

      internal 7200rpm SATA disks with 150GB free space


      H.264 1080p video recorded on Canon EOS DSLR


      I tried:


      cleaning the media cache

      installing the 5.0.3 - not possible