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    Disable buttons menu/toolbar adobe reader in IE




      I'm relative new to adobe scripting, but i've tried to search as much as possible. But still i've not found a solution to my problem.

      I want to disable the save icon, the collaborators item and the create pdf item., also disable the purple "fill in the form" bar.



      I found a possibilty how to disable them (via javascript) But then only the menuitems in adobe reader are disabled, not in the browser.


      I used this javascript code:





      So my question is:


      How to disable the save, collaborators item, and the create pdf item and the purple bar for filling in the form. (I translated it, so maybe they don't have the correct names)


      How to distribute that. If it's possible via the javascript way, thats fine, other ways to disable it is also fine. (registry, per user/system, per document, via javascript)


      Thanks in advance.