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    How to apply an existing filter to a MovieClip ?

    Envirographics Level 1


      Flash Pro CS5

      I have a plan view png made into a movieclip of a car which follows a motion guide changing direction as it travels. I select the MC in frame 1 and go to properties, filter section is currently empty and I select dropshadow from the filter choices, adjusting the angle and opacity. Looks good

      test movie and car runs without shadow after fr1.

      Methinks I need to apply it to the car in the last frame (no other keyframes between by the way), I select the car and then cannot see how to apply the filter that is now showing in the properties window.

      How does one apply an existing filter to a movieclip ?


      Is this then what is needed to get the car to have the shadow cast north west throughout its journey ? Applying the filter to the MC at start and end of the tween ?