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    Lines on a pitch




      I've recently downloaded the trial version of After Effects to see if it can help me with presentations for my rugby team.

      Basically, I'm a rugby coach that records games and want to use the software to emphasise certain parts of the pitch and certain players like they do on Sky Sports so that players can understand better what they have done well/not so well.


      The first thing I want to do is to add a line on the pitch (like an extra grid-iron line) that follows a player with the ball so that it shows that everybody in his team are behind him (and shows who isn't). Is this possible?



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          Mathias Möhl Level 2

          It is doable, but definitely requires to get used to the basic functions and concept of the program. How to do it depends on your shot.

          Do you have a static camera? This makes everything a lot easier, otherwise it becomes quite complicated.


          To get started:

          1) Draw the line using a shape or solid layer.

          2) Animate the layers position using keyframes to follow your player.

          3) If you want the line to be placed "below" the players, try to use color keying techniques to get a version of your clip where the green grass is transparent and put it on top of the line.

          4) if you want the line to follow the player automatically, you can experiment with tracking, but it will be hard to come up with an automated solution that is faster than doing it manually.

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            Wellsy13 Level 1

            Yeah, OK I won't lie. No idea how to do most of that!


            Is there a tutorial I can go through to get used to the basic functions first? What are keyframes? I had a quick go with tracking manually (placing the tracking points to follow the player) but didn't know how to get the line to follow it (or how to draw the line at all!).

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              Mathias Möhl Level 2

              Mylleniums link is a very good starting point. I also have some beginner tutorials. The second guru lesson covers keyframes an some detail, for example. TO keep things simple, you can proceed as in the tutorial and use the beam effect instead of the lightning effect.