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    Colors in Fireworks CS5 / Mac


      Hi, I have a problem with the color workflow in Fireworks. I think I don't fully understand how this should be used.

      I made a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean:



      If I select an object, the color is adopted properly in the toolbox color picker (1). But not in the color panel (2). How do I get it there? Then, if I put in some values in the color panel, the change is not reflected, neither in the panel, nor in the toolbox (3).


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          I tried this out and am not running into the problem.  I can select colors from the main color ramp or the brightness scale and the color is updated on release of the mouse.


          One suggestion - try clicking once on the web safe cube and see if that smacks the panel into behaving correctly.

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            TonyRedhead Level 2

            I can confirm the same issue that Orbi-x is seeing and I found some other irregularities.


            First off: Color selections made within the Color Palette are reflected in the selected object and all other color pickers throughout the interface. In this illustration I've selected two colors in the Color Palette CC0000 and FFCC00, selecting them updates the toolbar and properties bar as well as the object.


            color palette.jpg

            Now if I select a color in the toolbar or the properties bar the object will change along with either the toolbar or properties bar but not the Color Palette. In the illustration below I've selected 99FF66 and 333333 in the toolbar and the properties bar has changed to reflect the selection but the Color Palette hasn't.


            color palette 2.jpg

            Also there doesn't seem to be a way to set the outline to None within the Color Palette. If I click into the color well for outline in Color Palette the option None appears at the top but clicking into it doesn't set it to none but leaves it at the last color selected.




            and the Color Palette doesn't have the little "none" selector like the toolbar or properties bar?




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              orbi-x Level 1

              Jim, if I use the mouse in the color palette this part works for me as well. But not if I enter the numbers directly (this is what I mostly want to do because it's faster).


              But the bigger problem is that the selection of objects or the picker in the toolbar is not reflected in the color palette (what is described by Tony as well).


              Another example that goes even further is: Picking the colors for a gradient. I pick the first color and then want to pick the second color slighty darker than the first. But I can not use the color palette because the color is not reflected there ...

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                Priyanka Adobe Employee


                Thank you for reporting this issue.

                Fireworks team will investigate this further.

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                  orbi-x Level 1

                  Thanks for looking into this. I would really appreciate a solution because it is a very annoying issue.