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    CS5 6.3 RAW File not reopening with changes saved from .xmp file?

    Michael Garnett

      I recently upgraded from my D70 to a D7000, and downloaded the new plug-in for CS5 RAW (since the D7000's raw images weren't readable).  I have no problem opening my photos in RAW 6.3, and tweaking them (just like before).  When I'm done and want to save my changes I click "Done" and a .xmp file is saved just like before.  However, when I re-open the same RAW file the changes that I previously made seem to have never happened, and I'm back to scratch (which would only happen before if I had deleted the correlating .xmp file).  What's going on??  Help!!


      edit: The .xmp files are saved next to the raw file in the same folder