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    Elements 8 ALWAYS reduces widescreen 16:9 to 4:3 - Please help!

    Professor Peach (I like '

      I've got a new Panasonic camcorder and have recently taken some film of the Festival of Speed.


      I've tried to edit it and save it to the PC but in the viewing pane during editing it was clearly 4:3. There seemed no way of correcting this so I plugged on, hoping it could be saved as Widescreen 16:9. It couldn't, and the resulting video looked terrible.


      I even tried uploading it to Youtube, where there was a "widescreen" option. All this did was shrink the video in the viewing pane on youtube, still distorted.


      I started again, this time paying careful attention to the opening choices. Seems there are various formats I can choose from, the ones relevant to me being:


      PAL DV standard 48hz

      PAL DV widescreen 48hz


      I've tried both, but it's still 4:3 either way.


      I've also tried watching "raw" copy from the memory card, that's correct 16:9, and I've tried loading a clip into Windows Movie Maker and that displays in the viewing pane as 16:9 and saves perfectly happily as 16:9. So I don't believe that the camera is at fault.


      I've spent so far five hours on this, including a tortuous 30 minutes to Adobe support who basically said I need to pay them money for them to get it to work properly, which seems a little unfair if it's a glitch in their program.


      I'd really appreciate help with this one, it is causing me a massive headache!


      Many thanks in anticipation.

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