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    Nikon D7000 .MOV files in Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5


      I recently upgraded from Production Premium CS5 to CS5.5. Initially Nikon D7000 .MOV files used in previous CS5 Premiere Pro project would not play well in CS5.5. Now .MOV files do work in both PP and AE CS5.5. Here are the steps I followed. Not recommending you follow my steps exactly, just providing info for those that are interested.


      1.       Launch Premiere Pro CS5.5 and open previous PP CS5 project, convert project to CS5.5 and rename project file as not to replace previous CS5 project file.

      a.       At this point .MOV files do not play in new project or in AE CS5.5

      b.      Close Premiere Pro and After Effect if still running.


      2.       Using Adobe Bridge CS5.5, batch rename;

      a.       Make copies of original files to new folder location while renaming file extension from .MOV to .mpg

      b.      Let Adobe Bridge finish creating all new thumbnail previews.

      c.       Leave Bridge running in background.


      3.       Launch Premiere Pro CS5.5, let Premiere finish recreating thumbnail previews if needed.

      a.       Attempt to preview existing .MOV file in project. It worked for me.

      b.      Attempt to play sequence containing .MOV files. It worked for me.

      c.       Attempt to play or modify sequence .MOV files in AE CS5.5 via Dynamic Link within Premiere. It worked for me.

      d.      Close Premiere Pro project and AE projects if open.


      4.       Create new Premiere Pro project and sequence

      a.       Import a different Nikon D7000 .MOV file not previously used or renamed.

      b.      Attempt to play this newly imported .MOV file. This worked for me as well.

      c.       The new, previously un-renamed .MOV file also worked in AE CS5.5 for me.


      I will perform additional tests but at the moment Nikon D7000 .MOV files are working for me in CS5.5 after initially performing a batch rename in Bridge CS5.5 from .MOV to .mpg and letting Bridge create preview files. Even .MOV files not renamed now work.


      An example of Nikon D7000 footage edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, After Effects CS5.5, and Sound Booth CS5 can be seen on my blog, http://stevelandonsmyth.typepad.com/steve-landon-smyths-blog/2011/07/my-first-hd -video-shoot-with-nikon-d7000.html


      My system: MacBook Pro 17" 2.3 GHz i7 quad core, 8GB RAM, 500MB SSD


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