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    Need help with tree drag and drop - $100 reward

      I am working on a project that includes tree that displays member referal.
      Some times the member isn't added under the member that refered them and we need to manually select the referer.
      I would like to be able to drag the new member onto the referer but cant find a way to do that unless they already have a 'child' member, ie it won't let me make the dragged affiliate a 'child' node of the referrer node.
      Here is what i need:
      An example app(flex 2) with a tree that will display the hierarchy of members and all me to drag and drop members, either on or below the new parent member, preferably on so the parent doesn't need to be opened, including leaf members, that is populated with an XMLListCollection with xml like below:
      <node MemberID="1" Name="John Doe">
      <node MemberID="2" Name="Jane Doe"></node>
      <node MemberID="3" Name="John Smith">
      <node MemberID="4" Name="Ted Jones"></node>
      <node MemberID="5" Name="Mike Hansen"></node>
      <node MemberID="6" Name="Rob Thomson"></node>
      <node MemberID="7" Name="Susan Johnson"></node>

      I also would like an example of how to get the IDs of the nodes when the drop happens.