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    Empty Folders in bin-release


      I have spent the last couple hours trying to figure something out, and wanted to post this so I can make sure I'm correct. I am trying to include a folder named /tmp in my AIR release build. I am using FB 4.5 and the Flex 4.5 SDK. No matter where I put this empty folder, I could not get it to be included in my build. I finally determined that FB seems to skip empty folders that live in /src. The only way I could get a folder to be included was to put a file in it.


      Our application relies on our ability to include a skeleton setup of empty folders in another location that it writes to. Please tell me that I'm wrong, and that Flash Builder doesn't auto-ignore empty folders in /src for inclusion in release builds. Thanks.

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          I confirmed that FB omits empty folders under src/.


          Oops.  I made an error.  The explanation below is correct now.


          You can reference an external folder:  Project Properties / Builder Path / Source path tab.  Add a "New folder"  that should be somewhere outside your project path.  Then the build process creates links to the external folder (parallel to src/) and copies all (I think) files and folders from the external folder into the debug folder (and into release folders of course).  It also does not copy an empty folder.  Can you delete a file as part of your release process?  It only takes one empty file.


          I use substantial resources across projects, so the external folder alleviates the need for nasty copying.