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    multiple PDF Files using Flex3 to LiveCycle

    Hristo Trajkovski Level 1

      Can you help me? How can you create process in Workbench? PDF Files will send from Flex to Livecycle. Here Souce from Flex3:


      var inDoc:DocumentReference = new DocumentReference();
                      inDoc.url = uploadedDocURL;
                      inDoc.referenceType = DocumentReference.REF_TYPE_URL;
                      inDoc.fileRef = fileRef.name;
                      inDoc.attributes = fileRef.size;
                      var params:Object = new Object();
                      params["inDoc"] = inDoc;
                      params["FileListLen"] =  pendingFiles.length;
                      params["fileName"] = fileRef.name;
                      params["fileSize"] = fileRef.size;


      Thnak you!