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    Help with plugins! (one year later)



      I've been reading the posts from Bob of August 2010 about the "pluggins" affair.


      As ",mniasghjkhacbjkb" told, I am trying to open an indesign file that another designer worked on and i am having problems opening it in CS5 on a Mac as there are several plugin errors.


      The InDesign file seems had been created in CS3 (or it says when I click "command+I" keys" over the file.


      The plug ins required are:




      Generic Page Item.InDesignPlugin


      Dynamic Documents.InDesignPlugin


      Document Framework.InDesignPlugin



      It doesn't appear as "typically the error you see when trying to open a file saved in a newer version. That looks like the list from attmeting to open a CS5 document in CS4." As Peter Spier suggested. Unless the file had been created in CS6 (does this version exist?)


      I cannot find in the installation disks of my CS5 those plug ins.


      Could you help me? What can I do? Where can I get those plug ins?

      Thank you very much,