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    Cannot run naip in the 4.5.1 SDK under Linux, looks like it's the Mac version


      I'm trying to package an AIR app that uses an ActionScript extension. When I run adt, it exits with the following error message:



      Unable to verify ANE signature for /proj/.../***.ane. Tool exited with error 126. Output was " /tmp/cmd1072202891835347382.tmp: line 1: /usr/flex_sdk_4.5.1.21328/lib/nai/bin/naip: cannot execute binary file

      If I check that file, I see:



      $ file /usr/flex_sdk_4.5.1.21328/lib/nai/bin/naip

      /usr/flexSDK/lib/nai/bin/naip: Mach-O executable i386





      $ strings /usr/flex_sdk_4.5.1.21328/lib/nai/bin/naip


      /Volumes/BuildDisk_mbsair3/Acro_root_apqo/Main/code/products/AIR/LibInstall/platform/OSX/M ac/MacInstall.cpp

      /Volumes/BuildDisk_mbsair3/Acro_root_apqo/Main/code/products/AIR/../../build/mac/int/Relea se/libinstall.a(MacInstall.o)


      Where can I find a version of naip that will run under Linux? Alternatively, is there some other way of building / packaging the AIR app or the extension that can bypass this step?