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    Interactive e-mail button not working in Acrobate X


      I am having a problem with a PDF document that was created for me a while ago. Ever since I have upgared my reader from 9 to X(10) the interactive 'email' button that appears on every page of the document no longer launches my email client. This is a text button that launches my email client and attaches the PDF for emailing.


      I have completely uninstalled X, re-installed 9 and everything works fine. Upgrade (or clean install) back to X and the buttons no longer work again.


      Anyone know what gives?


      Also, the inteactive close button has never worked - Always just comes up with a dailog box saying 'this action cannot be performed'??? Any ideas????



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          lhwohl Level 1

          Not that I have any hope of getting this addressed, but I was also having a problem with the "close" button function and get the oh so helpful "this action cannot be performed" message. However, oddly, after doing the exact same thing — creating a button in InDesign with a rollover "look" but no function, exporting to interactive PDF and opening in Acrobat — about a dozen times, all of a sudden it worked. I have no idea why and I did NOTHING differently. Buggy. Just like many of the other things about interactive PDFs. Seems like Adobe has backed off promoting the whole thing somewhat and I'm assuming this kind of thing is why.