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    Why does ArrayCollection dispatches a CollectionEventKind.MOVE?

    injpix Level 3

      Hello, I have an ArrayCollection that is used in a DataGroup's dataProvider.  The DataGroup has useVirtualLayout set to true in its layout property.  Also this ArrayCollection, uses a filterFunction and the itemrenderers, have an “expand” state, which when set to “expand” it triggers the MOVE event.


      My problem is that when an itemrenderer is expanded, it will dispatch the MOVE event and listening for this event in the DataGroup, it will move the position according to what the 'location' property is set to that is in this event.  I can see that this takes place in the ListCollectionView.moveItemInView method.  Assuming from the name of that function, its trying to move the item into view.  But there are just a few itemrenderers in the list and there is more space they can fit into the list.


      I have overriden the measure method and set the measureHeight depending if its expanded or not.  It seems that it makes no differences.


      I am using Flex SDK 4.0.  Is this a known issue?  Any solutions?