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    Click to Popup video window - [YouTube] ?


      Hello, again.


      I've been trying to search quite extensively for a specific way to open something like a YouTube video (it dosn't have to be YouTube, it's just an example). But I've yet to find a way to implement in the method I'm looking for. Probably bad keyword searching.


      Anyway, it's simply put; when you click a button, a window pops up on the same page with the video or content you want, dims the background of the page, and allows you to play the video, or do which ever you want, and close it when you're done.


      Here's the perfect example of what I'm looking for. Clicking 'Watch Now' will show it. You don't have to watch the video, this isn't a shameless plug for them.


      http://www.webassist.com/dreamweaver-extensions/ecart/?WAAID=132&utm_source=Exch_eCart&utm _medium=Partner&utm_campaign=Exchange


      The closest answer I've yet to find is using Spry Tooltip, but unless I'm mistaken, it seems like the incorrect choice to use for that specific example. I tried searching the exchange and widget browsers, but could not find anything that could work.


      Is there a free, relatively simple option?