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    Hyperlinking graphical chapter titles to the TOC in InDesign CS5.5


      I've searched high and low for an answer to this but to no avail...


      I want to create an epub/mobi of my novel in InDesign CS5.5. I'll use images instead of text for my chapter headings (I created GIFs in PSElements). How can I get my custom and navigational table of contents to hyperlink to my graphical headers?


      I understand how to create a paragraph style that can be called out in a TOC, but I don't see how to do that with an image/object. Is there something I can do with the Object Export Options dialogue box? Perhaps create chapter breaks at these images? Or maybe create a special object style? Gah! I can't figure it out.


      It must be a simple solution and I'm just not seeing it.

      Thank you!