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    WebHelp Search Field


      I know this is a long-shot question but since I have no idea how to go about fixing the issue involved, I figured I had to start somewhere.  It is for a help file published in WebHelp, and this is the bug I was given:


      When you focus on the search box in help, it highlights the default text, "- Search -", and therefore when you start typing it removes it. It might be better to have it clear the text when focus is put on the text box.

      -In Chrome it highlights the text: "- Search -" and then un-highlights that text, which isn't really how it should act.


      I asked one of our developers about it and he said it had to be a RoboHelp problem, although I don't know where in RH I could fix any part of the GUI for the WebHelp window.  Does anyone have any ideas on this?