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    From FCP editor to Premier editor Confusion

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I was so thrown by the FCPX down grade that i have decided to switch to Premier. I work with files from my HMC150 (mts).


      In FCP i would always use Clipwrap or Toast to get the files converted to Prores422 .movs. Then setting fcp up to edit in the appropriate codec. Smooth play back and while editing i could easily play the TL in realtime with no anomalies or blockiness. This made it easy to think about the grade and the effect if there was one to be applied.


      So FCP LOVED proress.


      Premier handles mts but the play back is blocky at times. I can edit strait from the media browser but my play back is not smooth. Even prores.mov plays smoother in PPcs5.

      I have never graded anything in PP but i would like to at least do the luma & rgb balance there.


      So what should i do to get smoother playback?

      Should i not work in avchd at all and find an intermediate that PP likes?

      What is PP's favorite codec that will make it run as smooth as prores does in FCP?