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    See also links disappear in topics accessed from the table of contents


      We're using RoboHelp 8.0.2 to generate compiled HTML help (CHM).


      There is some strange behaviour on how see-also links are displayed in the topics depending on where they are accessed from.

      If I use the Search tab to find topic(s) that contain(s) the see-also links in question, they appear and work as they should (that is, when you click them, you get a list of associated topics in a popup list):

      Example of working see-also links.png


      If the same topics are located in and opened from the table of contents tab, the links may or may not be displayed initially, but they do not work in any case (that is, you click them but nothing happens). If displayed initially and you press F5 to refresh the page, the links disappear (or they are not visible from the start):

      Example of non-working see-also links.png

      Is there a way to fix this, or is it just a bug that we'll have to learn to live with/work around?


      Thanks for any input,