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    Auto-adjust Sequence-settings to Footage?


      Hi People,


      Just a question:
      I teach students how to work with Adobe Premiere Elements. In that way I expierenced a  nice little auto-message. If a user uses a projectsetting that does not correspond to the footage that he/she imports, APE9 give a nice little warning. Followed up with the question to auto-adjust the project settings to the settings of the film. Not only does it work very well, but projects that had a red bar ontop of the timeline now seem to have less rendering issues, thus, the system works a lot faster.



      I understand that when filming with a professional camera and editing with Premiere Pro, most users know what footage corresponds best with the sequence settings. But sometimes (...and maybe it's just me who expierences this), I get footage from strangers. Not exactly knowing what the settings are. Even if I know that the user shot the film using a Sony XDCam format, there a lots of options to choose from.


      What would you guys say, if there was an OPTION (so, not auto-adjust), to have a standard sequence, then put any footage in it, and then click on the option (rightclickmenu -> Auto adjust Sequence to Footage).


      I'd love it, but hey, maybe there already is a better way, in which case: I'd love to hear from you!