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    Script request: Create justification with text size


      Hi folks,


      the Adobe support hotline get me here, so I try to find a developer for my InDesign feature request.


      We are currently working for a client, that uses justified text in the headlines of his advertising materials. Until now, the justification is set "by hand" while the final artwork ist created.


      For the future, we want to automatize these final artwork with a special software and InDesign Server (CS4+).


      The tricky part is, that the justification has not to be created by spacing between the words and letters, it has to be created by the text-size. So, the text of the headline is set in such a big size, that it looks like a justification. More text, less text-size, less text, more text-size.


      Is there any way, to automatize this via a script or something else?


      We would pay for a script or something else to implement this feature.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks for your time and best wishes from Berlin, Germany!