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    Slow Rewind using Windows Media AVI files (video in reverse)


      Now I've been busy with a project in Director 11.5, it's almost complete. I imported all my video files (AVI) as Windows Media, made an array of buttons to control play back, play button, pause, rewind, fast forward, stop and double fast forward. I did this through the use of playRates. Yet, when I went to create a slow rewind button, not a button that skipped back to the start, but rather a button that played the video in REVERSE from its current time, using playRate, I realised I wasn't able to use a negative number, i.e.


      on mouseDown me

      sprite("TOSKY").playRate = (-1)



      I found this unfortunate. In theory I thought it would be simple to do. Is there any way I can fix this and create the button I need without switching all my videos to run through Quicktime (which would cause me to go through all my buttons and change the code accordingly)?
      Thanks in advance!!