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    Script Problems





      I have a little problem maybe somebody helps me!


      i found a script here on this forum:


      var cResponse = app.response({
      cQuestion: "Enter the section number to appear in the stamp.",
      cTitle: "Section Number",
      cLabel: "Section Number:"
      if (cResponse == null) {
      event.value = "*NVALID*";


      event.value = cResponse;



      after i used the script in the texfieldform and save this i go to my Stamppalet.


      i follow the instructions from http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/2007/02/custom_dynamic_stamp/


      After that the my problem begins:


      Before i can click on  the stamp  the javascript starts working and ask for the 'section number'.


      This is not correct, because i first want to choose the stamp and go then mark my stamp on the document and then the box needs to come out and has to ask for the 'section number'.


      Is the script wrong or do i need to do something more?


      I hope you can understand my question!


      With regards,