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    Test Flex Mobile Project On Iphone

    Barno7 Level 1


      Can i test The flex Mobile Project in Iphone Simulator Like Xcode? in Flex debug i can select the Iphone device, but this Device haven't accelerometer for example.

      Can i Test in Another Debug Device, or can i enable Accelerometer in Debug Device in Flex?

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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          Launching in the iOS simulator is not currently supported.  For things that aren't iOS specific bugs I typically debug on an Android device since the development and debugging process is much faster and smoother.

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            Adrian Pirvulescu

            So if I develop an iPad app for example I should buy not an iPad but an androit tablet for testing ?!

            Why is there any iPhone development included if the right tools are not provided.... Also you still need a mac and an apple developer account so at the end of the why to use Flash ???

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              pauland Level 4

              Adrian, flash/flex as a development tool is mostly platform independent so much development testing can be performed on any mobile platform. It may simply be a matter of convenience to use an android tablet in place of an iPad. That's not the same as an endorsement to buy an android tablet for testing iPad apps. You should always have the target platform available.


              The iPhone/iPad development works. Perhaps it could work better, but plenty of people use it now.


              Why use Flash? The reasons are plain to see - Flash developers can use their existing skillset and they can develop for multiple platforms with the same technology, rather than differrent technologies for each platform.


              Flash/Flex development for mobile isn't perfect, but neither is anything else.