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    Why do print jobs automaticly go on hold?


      I have just installed CS5.5 to all the users in my company and they are getting some strange errors and would like to know if anyone else has seen them or can help. My users are on iMac's running 10.5.8 and when they try to print to one of our printers the job will automatically enter the print queue with a status of "On Hold waiting on authentication." When the user goes to the print queue and tells the job to start it will request their network credentials and then after they have put them in everything will come out no problem. I have already cross checked the users keychain and some users do not have any log in information in their and others do, the problem exists no matter if they have the log on information stored or not. The users are having this problem actually out of every CS5.5 application but InDesign is the one they use the most. The strangest thing is that in my company the users are bound to active directory and should have to insert their password every time they print but when the above action happens the users never get prompted the first time they try to print. Does InDesign try to hand over some log on information for them, or what?


      P.S. I forgot to add the printer information. This is a Xerox DocuColor 252 running Post Script drivers.