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    preserve DF TC in mxf export??

    Doug at Rock

      I've been trying to export IMX50 mxf 720 x 486 and preserve DropFrame TC. I'd prefer to preserve the DF TC embedded in the source quicktime, but just keeping the TC DF would be acceptable.

      Source QT is ProResNTSC525 captured via FCP via Kona3 from dbeta tape and is closed captioned.

      I do not have the Use 00:00:00:00 checked though it uses that code regardless.

      dynamic media metadata shows 29.97 DF TC and that is selected for output (it is not editable when using "edit metadata")

      whatever settings I use I keep getting TC start 00:00:00:00 and NDF

      MacOS 10.6.5 12 core premiere CS5 part of production premium package

      Any Ideas tricks,tips?