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    trialpp+canon xf+export issue


      have earlier dabbled with premiere pro but not seriously

      have been using FCP.

      now considering switching my platform


      I am able to see canon xf footage on the time line.

      now I would like to transfer/export it as uncompressed quick time keeping then resolution and color sampling same 1080p/4:2:2.


      what is the work flow for that.


      whenever i export the winodws shows quick time. when i selet it it shows the output size to 720X576.if i click on the same resolution box it makes mpeg file.

      there are other format like dvcpro hd etc. but i would like to make quick time only

      is it possible?

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Well, while I can't answer your question directly, I can definitely tell you that if you are working on a PC then quick time is not really quick... (pardon the pun). Quicktime is still limited to 32bit and so when working with quicktime files, you lose the benefits gained from the 64 bit workflow that is CS5/5.5. Is there a specific reason you HAVE to use quicktime?

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            There are two steps to encoding to a QuickTime file with Premiere Pro. First, you need to select QuickTime as the Format. Then you need to select a codec to use, since QuickTime is just the container. Go to the Video tab, and in the Video Codec section, select the codec you want to use--there should be a couple of dozen choices there. Selecting "None" will get you an RGB 4:4:4 file, but there are some other choices there as well. You'll have to experiment to find the proper one for your needs.

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              vdd72 Level 1

              well i have to just check putting in fcp time line as the footage is from a running project. I would like to check visually what i gain or lose?

              will gain some confidence to switch the format by working like this.


              for example learning about different codecs could be big thing. as on FCP it is just quick time. .

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                vdd72 Level 1


                will do some experiments