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    Some hidden characters don't appear.

    krissserz Level 1



      I'm using InDesign CS5 on a MAC.


      Often, some hidden characters don't appear. Please see image.


      Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 1.41.49 PM.jpg


      Why is that, and how can I fix this problem?





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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          It's kind of hard to see which characters are invisible in your screenshot


          It's nothing new, either -- a bit disconcerting that it's still present in your CS5 (I'm on CS4). I bet that if you check the font of the invisible invisible characters, it's not Regular but Bold, Italic, or perhaps Bold Italic. I get this effect with the combination of .. uh, let me check.


          1. An Unbreakable Space. Regular spaces always work. En spaces always work. Other spaces I dunno (it's kind of a drudge do test all combinations).

          2. Bold, Italics, or Bold+Italics. Semibold Condensed and such seem to work just fine.

          3. An Opentype font. Not any old one, but apparently it works fine with Type 1 and Truetype fonts. (I know, Opentype comes in two flavours, but I'm not going to dig any deeper to see if that's related as well).


          Oh, and


          4. If you have an invisible invisible character and you insert a space right after it, it becomes visible.

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            krissserz Level 1

            In my case, any hidden character can be missing.


            I have noticed two things : a) when I copy/paste hidden characters, the pasted ones don't appear b) when I do a "Find and replace" for hidden characters, the replaced hidden characters don't show up.


            I'm using OpenType fonts.





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              JamesMonroeDesignLLC Level 1


              Is this the same issue you're having?

              Here is a closer screenshot...


              Please note that I DO have invisibles showing, so there is an invisible space AFTER the visible space character—yet before the word "promptings."

              You can kinda see the extra invisible space there.


              Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 8.12.23 AM.png

              When I select, there are two spaces.

              Anyone have any ideas?