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    Proj.dll crashing my projector

    brettcristofer Level 1

      Ok, I have a shockwave stub projector that launches a .dxr for distribution on CD. The stub launches fine but as soon as the main movie opens, it crashes. I've narrowed the problem down to the proj.dll resource file included in my XTRAS folder. When I remove that file everything works as expected. Anyone encountered this or have any ideas on how to resolve? I'm in a DIR 11.5 on Windows 7 64-bit platform. I checked for any Hotfixes or updates for DIR but didn't see any available. Thanks.

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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          this dll is added to the projector wenn you create it. Then it is decompressed to tmp when the projector is started.

          if the dll resides in the xtras folder the projector uses this file instead that in tmp.

          maye the dll file in xtras is an older version than that in tmp. --> crash




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            brettcristofer Level 1

            Wolfgang - I'm not publishing as a standard projector. I'm publishing as a Shockwave projector with the "Exclude all XTRAS" option checked so the resource files should not be included. Also, the dll files I'm using in my XTRAS folder come right from the DIR 11.5 program folder. Having said that, I don't see how I can be using an older version of the dll than what was shipped with DIR 11.5. Thanks.

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              brettcristofer Level 1

              I guess I should also mention that this project was initially created in MX 2004 but I used the "UPDATE" action under the Update Movie Options in the Xtras menu to upgrade to DIR 11.5. Perhaps there is an issue with this process.

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                Wolfgang Herold Level 2

                ok you're right.



                Maybe you shockwave is the latest update ( proj.dll )

                then you'll have the version mismatch.

                The latest dll in your director folder is




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                  brettcristofer Level 1

                  I think DIR 11.5 embeds these resource files whether you tick "Exclude all Xtras" or not. My old MX 2004 fast-start projectors were 84k. This 11.5 projector is 375k. Same exact structure with a simple frame script published as a Shockwave projector. If I remove these files from my project folder, the movie still plays without receiving an error. Also, the 11.5 Help docs mention nothing of including these files when creating a fast-start projector. Matter-of-fact, the phrase "resource files" doesn't return any results when searched on within the help system.


                  Anyone have any insight into this?

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                    Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                    The projector skeleton (the executable that launches your Director movie) is now 352KB. This size increase is due to the required support for larger icon formats.


                    IOW it sounds like your stub really doesn't have the necessary libraries bundled into it. The fact you get no errors is probably because the stub is relying on an installation of Shockwave that it's located.