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    Can't get real time playback with Cineform 3D muxed files


      Hey all,


      AE user for 20 years but new to PP.  Getting it setup for a sterescopic editing system.


      Problem: 3D (1920 x 1080 29.97) fies created in FirstLight...won't play in RT in PP or Firstlight for that matter.


      I am feeding an external passive stereo monitor via HDMI 1.4.  I have MPE enabled.  I am using a Cineform preset sequence.  I have a fairly fast raid for the media.  But it won't play in RT.  Even lowering the resolution doesn't seem to help much.   Is there something I am missing?




      While it could be a hardware problem, I doubt it.  Because when I play the 3D muxed files in Windows Media Player, and drag it over to my 3D external monitor, it plays just fine...like silk in RT stereo.  (minus the metadata of Cineform of course)  But in PP or Firstlight...stutters.


      BTW, is there window inside AE that lets you know the actual framerate you're getting on playback, like AE?


      Please, any suggestions would be helpful...this new 3D edit system is no good to me now.  Thanks in advance.