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    Can't connect to webservice

    Joao Galli

      Hi guys,


      I have developed a project that will be built to be a flash (swf),

      using Flash Builder 4 on Mac to develop I can connect easily to a server in other enterprise, when I hit the RUN button on the Flash Builder.


      But when I try to deploy this SWF in our site or to run the swf in another PC,

      the SWF can't access my webservice.


      Why could it be happening?


      We already removed all the filters from the server, and liberated all the ports for communication.


      Any help will be appreciated.

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          blazejewicz Level 4


          That is either:


          your web service misconfiguration: (how it is defined in your .mxml?) so when deployed on other machine (web server?) endpoint cannot be found



          cross-domain request issue - which Flash runtime cannot perform if not enclosed within standalone player

          (your Flash Builder can have setup in global Flash security settings to allow cross-domain/cross-scripts)