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    Multi-Level Lists across a book


      I am creating a large legal document with 7 different "Articles" linked together in a book.  The book contains 7 documents - each with the Article title.  I have figured out how to get the paragraph styles to work so that my numbering is sequencing the way I would like and indenting correctly within one of the documents, but I seem to be unable to get the reamining documents in the book to pick up where the previous document left off.


      I have made sure that the List Type is set to carry across Stories and books:


      Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Define Lists ----- This is checked on for the list I've created (which has a consistent name across all the documents).


      All I can think of is that I must have some of the numbering off or there is a little caviat that someone a little more experienced with indesign might be able to help me with.  I've listed the first few levels in the hopes that someone might be able to see what I am missing.


      Level 1: List type 1,2,3,4,....


      ARTICLE ^#:^<


      (set to continue from previous number)



      Level 2:List type 1,2,3,4.....




      (set to continue from previous number)



      Level 3:List type 1,2,3,4....




      (set to continue from previous number)



      What I am hoping to have it look like is:

      Document 1:


      Article 1: TEXT


           1.1 - TEXT


                1.1.1 - TEXT



      Document 2:


      Article 2: TEXT


           2.1 - TEXT


                2.1.1. - TEXT




      Thanks in advance!!

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          I ended up re-loading the paragraph styles from the first document into each individual document in the book and then setting the first level to "start at" the Article Number it needed to correspond with.  There might be a better way, but this seemed to be the only way I could figure it out.  I'll let you know when I start running into problems with the Table of Contents now that I'm changing the paragraph style slightly.......