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    FB4 "HOME" variable is not set

    Energetic Pixels Level 1

      I am working in FB 4.  First one in my company to do so, but others are right behind me (contingent on additional funding for software).  I am trying to set up Git repositories for my current project.  I have an alert box popping up saying that my environment variable HOME is not set.  How do I set this??


      My project is contained on a external USB drive as such:




      And my workspace is set to one level above my project (down to the Flex directory).


      Where should my HOME variable be set to???


      I have a couple of workspaces already set up besides my 'SERCO\Flex' one (all correlated to targeted audience -> training, EnergeticPixels contracts, etc).  I am trying to keep all FB projects and workspaces on my USB drive.  This way I don't have to lug my Serco laptop home to do after hours work.