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    Premiere Pro has encountered an error.....

    ExactImage Level 3

      So...... I'm about 98% through a new project and I've rebooted to clear out some memory leak issues (another story completely!).


      When coming back in to PP (CS5.5) I get this message:

      Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 21.42.47.png

      There's really only one choice here - click Continue.


      The problem is that now PPro has Media Pending on every clip of every sequence, although if I double click a clip I can see it in the source viewer.  Hmmm....


      So, I Googled it and found some suggestions (from Todd?) about clearing preferences (which I did) and resetting the media cache (I've even deleted all the files and emptied the trash).


      I've done this a couple of times - even let it re-conform all the clips.   No progress.


      I've also tried creating a new project and importing these sequences.  Voila!  I can see the footage and continue - right up until I save.  When I reload the (new) project the same happens all over again.


      So, now what?   I can't keep creating new projects for one time edits!   What is the root cause and how do I fix it?