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    STUCK - Building Your First PHP-Based Mobile Application


      Using FB 4.5.1 (Build 313231) Windows 7 64-bit OS.

      IIS 7 and ZendServer already in place.


      Very new in PHP, experienced in other development tools/languages.


      This is the tutorial:http://files.zend.com/help/Flash-Builder-for-PHP/Getting-Started/Mobile/build_a_mobile_(ph p)_application.htm


      You can download the code and the DB from such link.

      I can follow thru -> Step 11: Run a PHPUnit Test on Your PHP Service


      There, I can't go on.


      I hope the images are displayed well, just in case, the message is:

      "Unable to run a PHPUnit session. Only PHPUnit classes can be run as PHPUnit tests.


      No test found in services/EmployeeServiceTest.php"