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    file not being copied to bin-debug

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      I have a flash project in flash builder 4, within that project i have a Data directory with an xml file in it within my src directory. When I attempt to Debug my app, I am getting an IO errror telling me the Directory/data.xml file is not within the bin-degug directory. It seems as though FB is not updating the bin-degug directory and copying the Data/data.xml file from the src to the bin-debug.   Anyone know why this is not happening.....



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          ozDiGennaro Level 1

          There are several things to try.  You can completely delete the bin-debug directory tree.  Then Project / enable "Build Automatically".  Then Project / Clean - being sure to select the correct project(s).  I have found it useful for build debugging to delete all of the debug and release directories before building.  (You may want to  backup your project FIRST.)

          Then you can see exactly what the build created.


          Also verify the project configuration.  Close all other projects.  Open the project in question.  In the Package Navigator view, select your project too. File / Properties.  You'll get a rather extensive and complex set of project properties.  Verify that it's the project that you are interested in.

          Look for the "Flex Build Path" and verify that it points to the "Output folder" that you want.


          Let me know.