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    I'm sure this is something basic

      I'm New to FLASH. I think I may be misunderstanding something very basic about using flash.

      I have a multimedia web site that I want to put a 15 second intro page on with an auto-redirect at the end to the main page.

      index.php -> index1.php

      I can get a movie with a progress bar to load and play on index.php just fine. The problem is the link to index1.php.

      This is where I think my basic misunderstanding come in.

      What I have done is to take a wmv file and import it into FLASH.

      The movie is at least 458 frames long but the timeline only shows 1 frame for the imported movie.

      The code for calling the movie and the preloader bar is:

      var myMCL:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
      var myListener:Object = new Object();


      myListener.onLoadProgress = function(target_mc:MovieClip, bytesLoaded:Number, bytesTotal:Number) {
      var loaded:Number = Math.round((bytesLoaded/bytesTotal) * 100);

      myListener.onLoadInit = function (target_mc:MovieClip) {
      progressBar._visible = false;

      myMCL.loadClip(" http://my.web.site/intro.swf", "container");

      I have tried inserting a blank keyframe at frame 2 and add the geturl syntax for this frame.

      getURL(" http://my.web.site/index1.php","_blank");
      //End Behavior

      When I test the movie I get all sorts of wild behavior like hundreds of instances of the browser opening up.